Some music I recorded back (with various friends) in Montana between 2002 and 2004. I’ll keep adding more as it surfaces.

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“Missed our record-breaking Kickstarter campaign? You can pre-order the Elevation Dock here. We expect to be shipping in late April with the rest of the Kickstarter orders.” -Casey

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“It’s a big milestone, I think crowd-funding is just in its infancy.” -Casey Hopkins

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“It’s been a hell of a run. Looking forward to a solid night of sleep after two months without it. Then it’s laser focus on getting these shipping.” -Casey Hopkins

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Quite possibly the best commercial ever made. “Shot 100% on the Go Pro HD HERO. Watch as Kayaker Ben Brown masterfully rules an epic waterfall and enjoy one of GoPro’s summer commercials airing on national TV.”
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Wired: “The Dock Apple should have made in the first place.”
John Gruber: “An exquisitely well-crafted, beautiful, useful iPhone dock. I’m in.”
New York Times: “…but wow, what a stand.”
Gizmodo: “I’m tempted to buy an iPhone just so I can use the Elevation Dock”
SlashGear: “Elevation Dock for iPhone blows up on Kickstarter”
UberGizmo: “Dock aims to make undocking your iPhone a piece of cake”
Jason Fried: “Love the thinking that went into the design!”
Marco Arment “Elevation Dock for iPhone raised $75k in 8 hours”
Cult of Mac: “…The Most Gorgeous iPhone Dock Ever Made”
GigaOM: “A dock becomes a darling of the tech world”
Digital Trends: “Great design if you ask us. Why didn’t Apple think of this?”
Electronistra: “Upscale, case-friendly home”
Uncrate: “…you’re going to want a dock. But not just any dock. The Elevation Dock.”
TNW: “The Elevation Dock for iPhone blows away Apple’s crap options”
Cool Material “The Elevation Dock is, to put it bluntly, perfect.”
Silicon Florist “I… Yeah. I don’t even really know where to begin.”
AIGA: “…perfect blend of form and functionality… much like Dyson’s fan.”

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SoulPancake is number four in WIRED’s “What’s WIRED This Month” playlist in the January 2010 issue. Rainn graces the mag with a little shot of his near perfect Michelangelo-esque physique, and we get a nice blurb as well! It’s on page 48 in the magazine.

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It’s really no secret that I love 37signals. I religiously use their products and I like to think that we run our company very much the same way they run theirs. That’s why when SoulPancake was mentioned on the 37signals Product Blog, I was almost more excited than when we were profiled on ABC’s Nightline.

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Checkout this cattle dog laying on the horn outside the grocery store… Clearly he got way too impatient and figured out how to use the fracking horn!

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While checking in at SoulPancake today, I was turned onto SIA for the first time by SoulPancake user coffeeyesplease. The intriguing discussion can be found here and has some great music discovery if anyone’s interested in finding some new stuff.

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Sometimes when Nya and Ryu (my dogs, photos on the right) dream, they get kind of rowdy and kick around while fake running. Usually, I obsess about them… But, after seeing the video below I no longer feel the necessity to obsess about it…. at all.

Thanx to my friend Seth Weintraub, author of 9to5mac and writer at Computerworld for sending this my way.

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A brief little history: Blair Cline is one of my best friends, only he sucks at two things… The video games NBA Street, and Street Fighter.


Unfortunately, he thinks he’s good at both, until I crush him. So, he responds with what he thinks are verbal assaults of rhyming fury, only to be left dazzled when I respond. Below… are the two latest exchanges between Blair and myself.

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After exchanging the names of my dogs with a friendly neighbor at the park, I was once again asked what my Australian Shepherd’s name stood for. “Ryu” is what I call him, and it actually means quite a few things. Allow me to share:

Ryu is probably most popular as being the lead street fighter video game character. He was widely chosen by many people because of his magical “Hadouken” power spheres. As he was the lead character ever since the first Street Fighter, those familiar with the video game should recall that not many characters could overpower Ryu, if any at all.

ryu1Image via flickr user oliverbarret

The image above is called “Concentric Hadouken” and showcases how magically fantastic the “essence” of Ryu is. Besides being an incredibly iconic video game character, the name and energy span deep into Japanese sub culture, including early graphic design and digital art. Read More…

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This is a Valentine’s Day card I made for my love. Everything was done from scratch including the graphics, the flying cupid, the pattern/grid styles. It was made using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The song is Radiohead’s Fast Aurp from In Rainbows, which happens to be the best album of the past two years.

The photo at the end is a few years old (from college)

My Love and the Rose Garden
This one’s more recent. From the Rose Garden here in Portland.

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If you have some time this weekend and are in the mood for some serious laughs, here are the latest two episodes of The Office. Titled “Lecture Circuit: Parts 1 & 2” the series has really been delivering the goods this season.

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Rainn was on Jay Leno on Wednesday, January 27th and announced the upcoming launch of The entire video is below in case you missed it.

You can signup for Soul Pancake here to stay informed about our progress. The first version of the site launches in early February.

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