Perfect Menu came to fruition at Bend, Oregon’s Startup Weekend 2012. In just under three days we developed our entire application from the ground up. We put together a grassroots sales operation, and within our first 24 hours had one of the most influential and trend setting restaurants in Bend using our product. By the end of the event we had customer validation and commitments nationwide.

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A Better Dog

The first time I saw you, rope in your mouth
Tugging at your father as he came from behind the barn
Love. Pure.
Often, I feel the same way when I see you running in the fields

You’re a leader, a companion, my best friend
You’ve helped me learn how to be a man

You’ve waited for me, you’ve fought for me, stood up for my pride
You’ve been hurt, I hate seeing you bleed

You’re a guardian, a worker, an intelligent soul
When I lose control, I turn to you for guidance,
You’re always there, with a warm embrace, ready to comfort me

We all have regrets, I’m sure you know mine
You can feel me, I don’t need to speak to you

That you have chosen me to share this ride with, thank you
That you continue to teach me how to live a calm and balanced life, thank you
That you glow with love and kindness, thank you

I am just trying to make myself worthy of your time

That you have patience for me, thank you

I love you Ryu, a better dog does not exist

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One of my great friends Gregg took home a squirrel from the dog park the other day. Insane? Yes. Weird? Yes. Does the Squirrel have brain damage? Probably. It was just too insane, so I snapped up some footage. Checkout Gregg giving him water through a syringe.

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