If Isreal didn’t stop Iran, who would?

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It’s very easy to hear or read a headline such as “Israel Rehearses Attack on Iran Nuclear Center” and immediately think, “oh jeez, when will this end…” Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Without going on and on, Israel is playing a major part in stopping (or attempting to stop) the world from slipping into World War III. By stopping Nuclear Missiles from being developed, or demolishing the center where they have the potential to be developed, Israel is potentially stopping a major terrorist attack (that by law breaks the trust rules of war).

Ya see, terrorists don’t play by the rules, they are fanatics. If you speak to any experienced veteran, or anyone who has battled in the line of duty, amongst high levels of pride you’ll find intelligent explanations and rationalizations of war being a “chess game.”

Well, if these attacks go as planned (if they happen at all), consider this Check-Mate against Iran’s Nuclear Missile Dreams.

What would Iran do with Nuclear Missiles anyway? Why do they need them?

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