Microsoft Shocks and Confuses but Wins With Songsmith

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Microsoft Research has been playing around with something they’re calling Songsmith. Nearly everyone is calling the actual software a joke, and the advertising equally horrendous, but Microsoft has already won by getting even the naysayers to be a tad bit curious.

While most people are clamoring about the fact that an Apple is used in the Microsoft commercial, I can’t help but think that this was done on purpose. Microsoft is well aware that Apple’s cult-like following also has a plethora of seemingly influential websites that write about the company on a daily basis. How else would these Microsoft commercials find their way into Apple devoted websites?

Step one, blatantly use an Apple branded notebook in the advertisement, only cover up the Apple logo with stickers. This way it’s apparent that the machine is an Apple, yet non-computer geeks won’t be able to tell the difference right away, if at all. Step two, make the commercial so absolutely horrendous that people actually ask themselves if the product is real. Then when they do some further research, they of course find out it costs $29.99 and can actually download it here.

Reviews of the product are actually pretty well received. Some say that the software works “better than initially expected” and others say they’re excited to see such “idiot proof” offerings from Microsoft. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this wicked piece of magic software.

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