Giant Japanese Hornets: They Scare You to Death

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I have become rather interested in unique creatures that somewhat scare the shit out of me. What you see below are Giant Japanese Hornets, and from the looks of things, you never want to meet one.

These hornets live right outside Tokyo, can fly upwards of 50 miles a day, and presumably kill around 40 people each year.

Image Credit to Muenster

While stopping by today, I also read this hilarious comment… “Instead of stinging you, it just scares you to death.” I then proceeded to continue doing research on these gigantic hornets periodically throughout the day.

The video below, courtesy of National Geographic gives a first look into how these creatures live and behave, which is “aggressive” to say the least. Here the giant hornets band together to slaughter an entire European honeybee hive within minutes. Not purely for the sake of terror, some evolution babble has to go into the frenzy. The hornets need the honeybee larvae which they feed to their own offspring for weeks. listed the hornet as one of the “5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World.”

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