Trapped, Isolated and Depressed

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I know this man, let’s call him Andre. He is older than me, but not by much. All his life he’s been viewed as a relative genius by the people surrounding him. He’s great with his mind when it comes to inverted and closed off self expression. But it has reached the point where these “talents” mean nothing without a solid foundation.

trappedHe has lost the ability to smell the air, enjoy the sun, eat a perfectly cooked steak, or see the beauty in life. To him, the world is death, and terror is the answer. He hates the country in which he was born. He doesn’t care what the people around him feel like, or how he makes them feel. But worst of all, he simply cannot smell fresh air. Somehow, to him, wherever he goes, he smells pollution.

Dreaming about coffee in Italia, chocolate in Switzerland, hookers in Amsterdam, a perfectly toasted baguette in France… Once a shiny possibility, now seem like a distant wish. This man can’t smell that clean, fresh, beautiful air, feel that wind and enjoy the Earth’s warm glow. To him, his mind is cloudy, filled with storms, rain, depression and motives that drive everyone and everything in his life around a pivot of the truth that hasn’t been shared, uncovered, resolved or addressed in years. In other words, there is a shining nugget of truth at the core of his existence being denied. Everything surrounding this piece of information is a mask for Andre, an outlet where he can avoid facing the the underlying issues head on.

Rather than address these fears and rapidly multiplying insecurities, this man lashes out on people around him the only way he knows how, with personal attacks. He criticizes society, makes fun of stability, jokes at the concept of relationships, mocks being employed, plays games with people’s emotions, and remains rather ungrateful for the financial benefits, that “conforming to society” have made it possible for him to enjoy. Who would want to see this person, and why would anybody give him anything for free you may be asking? Well, the sheer joy of being around him is enough for some people. Every once in a while, this man breaks loose from his demonic shadows and catches a small, brief whiff of that cool, fresh air. The kind that makes you stop in your tracks, take a deep breath and ask everyone around you… “Ahhhhhhhh…. Do you smell that fresh air?”

Now, you may be wondering why I am even calling this person a “man” right? Well, he is sick. Very, very sick. He needs help. We all have similar demons as this man, only he does not win his daily battles with them. To this man, there is no voice saying “Be responsible… You can do this… You are a man…” – To him, the voices say “You are a failure…. a loser…. a little boy…” – Somehow, the most amazing little joys in life are simply non-existent. Replaced by existential battles and philosophical tirades that could posses people to do harm to themselves, and those around them.

As I write this, I can think of a million things that torcher my mind, wreak havoc on my brain, and try to bring me down. Is it any surprise by now that our mind is not our friend. It has been scientifically proven, and it is upon us to combat these thoughts with positivity. It’s our job to hammer these thoughts out of our brain and replace them with thoughts of substance. Things that can help us, further our lives and shed a new perspective on the way we will approach them next time. This… Is what we call life. This…. Is what we call living in the present… being able to persevere. This… Is not what we call conforming. It’s what is called being intelligent, wise, intuitive, confident, proud, happy, diverse, knowledgeable.

In a world of natural evolution, the sick will not stay around. Unless they get help, they will disappear. It is our job to help them. Help them understand how they need help, and make sure they get the help they need.

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