Some Help Feeding the Chickens

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I have been tasked with tending to the neighbor’s garden and feeding their chickens for a week. The garden has been a pleasure to work with, but the chickens on the other hand, have been sort of tricky. I suppose for someone who hasn’t done this before, it may seem like a non-issue. However, chores such as these should be easy, not frustrating.

There’s one chicken in particular who doesn’t let me open the door to the coop while I’m bringing in the feed. The second my hand goes in, he starts pecking at the feed handle. Naturally, the rest of the chickens follow suit, and the whole thing becomes harder than it needs to be.

Today, I asked Nya and Ryu to tag along hoping that they could remedy the situation. Keep in mind the chickens aren’t used to us, so they may be acting out anyways.

As I opened the feed bin, sure enough the chickens started crowding me. Right away I had Nya sit directly across from the chickens, and had Ryu slowly circle the coop. Within a minute or two, all of the chickens were inside the den, and the dogs were calmly watching the den’s entrance. So long as none of the chickens tried to move or come out, Nya and Ryu were stoic.

This freed me up to feed the chickens with ease. I was able to replace their water, set them up with food, and find their eggs… Easily, and without hassle.

Thank you Nya and Ryu.

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