Elevation Dock: Fastest Start in Kickstarter History, by Casey Hopkins

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Wired: “The Dock Apple should have made in the first place.”
John Gruber: “An exquisitely well-crafted, beautiful, useful iPhone dock. I’m in.”
New York Times: “…but wow, what a stand.”
Gizmodo: “I’m tempted to buy an iPhone just so I can use the Elevation Dock”
SlashGear: “Elevation Dock for iPhone blows up on Kickstarter”
UberGizmo: “Dock aims to make undocking your iPhone a piece of cake”
Jason Fried: “Love the thinking that went into the design!”
Marco Arment “Elevation Dock for iPhone raised $75k in 8 hours”
Cult of Mac: “…The Most Gorgeous iPhone Dock Ever Made”
GigaOM: “A dock becomes a darling of the tech world”
Digital Trends: “Great design if you ask us. Why didn’t Apple think of this?”
Electronistra: “Upscale, case-friendly home”
Uncrate: “…you’re going to want a dock. But not just any dock. The Elevation Dock.”
TNW: “The Elevation Dock for iPhone blows away Apple’s crap options”
Cool Material “The Elevation Dock is, to put it bluntly, perfect.”
Silicon Florist “I… Yeah. I don’t even really know where to begin.”
AIGA: “…perfect blend of form and functionality… much like Dyson’s fan.”

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