A Couple of Random Phish Thoughts

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I’ve been meaning to share these thoughts for a couple of days…

Song names are secondary. Phish has again reached a creative level that rivals any era from their past. The level at which they’re communicating on stage reduces song names to nothing more than a way to keep count. Whether they sing here-or-there for a few minutes, their voices are really just being used as a fifth instrument. This is Phish at its purest form. Remember this next time you find yourself judging a show based on songs played or not played.

Tempo. Before this tour it seemed that Phish had purposely decided on slowing down the tempo for a majority of their songs. Whether this was done to help them find the pocket again, or whether they wanted to challenge themselves, I don’t know. Their music, however, was noticeably slower. Interestingly, during this tour — especially with the second leg — they’ve picked up the tempo all over the place, with Crosseyed being one of of the most noticeable upticks in pace. Generally, the overall upbeat tempo that Phish has found again is absolutely incredible. I used to worry about Trey’s speed chops as he was getting older. Not anymore.

All of this renewed energy translates into pure fury from the band. They sound young again. Get ready for what will surely be an emotional, tour-closing, 3-night-run in Colorado.

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