Thrive Global | Oregrown CEO Aviv Hadar Is An Example Of Determination And Creative Entrepreneurship

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It is the desire of every budding entrepreneur to be successful. But, turning your newly found start-up into a profitable and flourishing business isn’t that easy either. You need to put in a lot of effort. You have to work in a smart way with whatever resources you have in your pocket. Dedication and passion are the two must-have ingredients for success, and Aviv Hadar has these in plenty. Aviv is from Israel, and he is an immigrant in the United States. But, that didn’t prove to be a hindrance in the life of Aviv. With his passion and solid planning, he has been able to establish himself as one of the successful businessmen of today’s times.

It would not be wrong to say that the life of Aviv Hadar has been quite interesting so far. Till now, he has established as well as sold multiple businesses. After dropping out of college, he went on to invest his focus on a number of venture capital projects. But, what really made him hugely popular is his newest company Oregrown. Aviv is the co-founder and the present CEO of this cannabis brand. It is one of the fastest growing cannabis brands in the entire United States.

As a matter of fact, Oregrown has bagged a number of awards till now. Besides being voted as the Best Dispensary (for 3 consecutive years) in the entire Central Oregon region, the company was also selected for the title of Startup of the Year 2017 by the BCC (Bend Chamber of Commerce). The list of accomplishments by Aviv Hadar doesn’t end here. He has played a role in the inception of the OCA (Oregon Cannabis Association). Being one of the founding members of this group, he has provided his contribution in a number of ways. Besides that, he is also associated with the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) and the NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association). As a matter of fact, Aviv Hadar is the first person in the history of Oregon State to testify to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

It was Aviv’s deep love as well as the appreciation for the cannabis plants which encouraged and motivated him to come up with the idea of Oregrown. It was the year 2003 when he founded this company. Aviv has accomplished so much in his life, but it has not slowed down his passion to create new milestones in life. His unwavering determination and smart marketing skills have helped him become a successful entrepreneur for sure. With the passage of time, it is expected that Aviv Hadar will accomplish more in his life.

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