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The United States of America rewards diversity and has been a safe haven for people belonging to different cultures as well as ethnicities. Take the example of Israeli-Americans; the people who were born in Israel and later migrated to the West. America has a profound history of having a large community of Israeli-Americans who have made remarkable contributions in some of the diverse fields out there.

Every country on earth vitally benefits from the role of its own people. Immigrants are considered to be the working class who always drive the economic wheel of a country by pursuing successful careers in different fields. However, this is a highly disregarded notion among different cultures who do not want to confine the immigrants to a status. Every individual who is an American – native or not – is entitled to equal rights and responsibilities living in the country.

All communities living in the United States have great roles for the benefit of the nation and along the years, they have proven to this fact again and again. Let us take a close look at the remarkable Israeli-Americans who have made a big difference for the American people. Here are few names to begin with:

1. Natalie Portman: Natalie is a notable actress in Hollywood who has starred alongside many top actors and taken on blockbuster productions during her career. She is famously known for his prodigious role in The Black Swan and No Strings Attached. The Israeli-American actress has led the profound of ethnic diversity in the industry.

2. Aviv Hadar: The innovator and entrepreneur is famously known for his leading role in the legalization of cannabis in the state of Oregon. He is the CEO of a company called Oregrown that specializes in cannabis-based products, based in Bend, Oregon. Aviv has made phenomenal contributions in educating the world about medicinal properties of cannabis, especially the delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol and its properties. Aviv is always remembered as a primary figure in the passing of Oregon Ballot Measure 91 (2014).

3. Abraham Karem: He is the father of the UAV drone technology and has made remarkable contributions in the aeronautics. The Economist magazine writes about Abraham as the person who “created the robotic plane that transformed the way modern warfare is waged and continues to pioneer other airborne innovations.” Abraham’s latest creation, the Predator drone has been a mega-successful technology.

4. Safra Catz: The Israeli-American businesswoman has been the board member of Oracle since 2001 and CEO since 1999. She has a net worth of $510 million, as of 2016. Safra is recognized as a humble personality who has widely contributed to the business scene. The organization, Oracle, amassed massive success during her ongoing tenure and she continues to be voted for her prominent role as the CEO.

The list goes on and in different categories including fashion, modeling, entertainment, etc. The Israeli-American community has made accolades to its name and the American society is humbly grateful for them making a difference in the lives of people today.

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