Upgrading to Snow Leopard

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Normally upgrading operating systems isn’t a task people find fun or exciting. For that reason, among others as well as fear of change, I still know many folks running Tiger, and in some extremes, OS 9.


With Leopard, those waiting to upgrade their operating system had a bit more cushion. In most cases, Tiger was still being supported, and people who were delaying the leap to Leopard could still get by, albeit a bit more slowly. The user interface changes Leopard employed when compared to Tiger, were a bit more drastic in comparison to Apple’s most recent OS release.

Snow Leopard, builds directly upon OS X’s progressive interface changes that Apple made with Leopard. So upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard shouldn’t confuse even the most novice mac user. The single, snazziest new “feature” is that Exposé found some intelligence. Instead of opening all of your windows in a single row, Exposé now understands a few more levels of what windows belong to what application. Additionally, some tools in simple navigation and control of your open windows have been added. All in all, it’s arguably the flashiest new addition to Apple’s entire OS release, but not even close to the most important.

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