I Am the NBA Street Villain !!!!

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One of my best friend’s Blair and I, have a long lasting rivalry in the game NBA Street. Below are the latest two exchanges showcasing our Earth-Shattering verbal skills while slashing the other’s NBA Street Skills to the ground.

(The first one was sent by Blair to me)

Street Villian Vanquished
by Blair Cline

Next time you and I meet
We’ll play NBA Street
It’s you I will defeat
My legacy will be complete

Who cares about Rasheed
He stinks oh yes indeed
Therapy you will need
Or maybe just some weed

Pippen is so wack
Defense is what he lacks
The basket he’ll attack
But Mutombo will just smack (him)

Steve Smith, don’t even start
This man lacks skills and heart
Your team will fall apart
It will be a work of art

I hate to tell the truth
My skills will be the proof
You’ll be cryin, I’ll be chillin
For it was the death of the Street Villain

(Here is my response)

A response from The Street Villain
by Aviv Hadar

Sit down first you must,
Before I make you bust
Leave you trembling at your knees,
I’ll crush you with the Grizzlies

Your legacy’s a joke
I’ll beat you as I smoke,
You couldn’t beat me with the lakers,
You’re a street joke and a faker,

My blazers are the best,
No way can you contest,
27 games in a row,
I’ll win all them fo sho,

Get up from that chair,
The street villain’s beat Blair,
Give the seat to someone else,
Let me lay their ass to rest

My reputation is on par,
With an indian guru czar,
Teaching how to ball,
Making all you clowns fall

Worry not my friend,
My legacy will never end,
And when the time comes to defend,
You’ll crumble and pretend.

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