My New Years Resolutions for 2009

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New Years is fun. It’s a time when people feel like they can start over, or if they’re doing great, keep it going for another magical year. Resolutions are something that have become synonymous with celebrating the new year… Here are mine.


• Eat yogurt every single morning with coffee
• Eat at a restaurant of different ethnicity every week
• Yoga stretches before bed, not just in the morning
• Consciously practice patience until it becomes natural
• Start working on that six pack (for real)
• Budget my money better
• Stay in contact with people that are important to me
• Build out a more diverse and global business network
• Double the traffic on my main websites
• Scout a new office

Whether you have new years resolutions or not, it’s important to take this chance and reflect on your life. Look back on the last year, think about everything that has happened to you. Were you in control of it? Could it have been better? Would changing something within your core mentality change your outlook on life? Make it more positive? Increase your patience? If you think anything can be done to improve your overall well-being, boost your happiness and feed your soul… Just do it.

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