A Poem for Ryu

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A Better Dog

The first time I saw you, rope in your mouth
Tugging at your father as he came from behind the barn
Love. Pure.
Often, I feel the same way when I see you running in the fields

You’re a leader, a companion, my best friend
You’ve helped me learn how to be a man

You’ve waited for me, you’ve fought for me, stood up for my pride
You’ve been hurt, I hate seeing you bleed

You’re a guardian, a worker, an intelligent soul
When I lose control, I turn to you for guidance,
You’re always there, with a warm embrace, ready to comfort me

We all have regrets, I’m sure you know mine
You can feel me, I don’t need to speak to you

That you have chosen me to share this ride with, thank you
That you continue to teach me how to live a calm and balanced life, thank you
That you glow with love and kindness, thank you

I am just trying to make myself worthy of your time

That you have patience for me, thank you

I love you Ryu, a better dog does not exist

Aviv and Ryu

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