Crowd Control

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Quote sent to me a few days ago:

If you saw them back in the early and mid-90’s then you know that they are as good now as they have ever been. Older, more mature (unlike their fans, evidenced here), more soulful, and more intelligent. Only thing worse about 3.0 is the crowd. In that sense, I miss 1994.

Phish • Crowd Control lyrics (Anastasio/Marshall)

Listen now I’m talking
I’ve been here for weeks
Waiting in this growing crowd
Staring at my feet

The world around me’s turning
I’m just standing still
The time has come for changes
Do something or I will

I’m a feather in a storm
I’m a raindrop in the sea
If I don’t get enough of you
I’m a lighter shade of me

Sisters, brothers all around you
There’s a devil in the crowd
Meet his eye and it’s the end of time
If you’re praying don’t be loud

It’s crowded in the lowland
But the fools stay on the hill
You control us now
You have the reins
Do something or we will

So show us why we came here
Before we lay on the ground
Give it to us loud and clear
Make the devil turn around

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